Saturday, April 5, 2014

Disney Frozen Birthday Celebration

It's Coronation Day!!  Welcome to our version of Arendelle
Disney Frozen was such a wonderful movie.  When it first arrived in theaters my daughter instantly began planning her upcoming birthday party..4 months in advance..guess it's never too early to start planning! And since that magical day in the downtown Disney Theater, our family has now watched the movie more than 25 times!! Here it is..our recreation of Disney Frozen, Birthday Party Style..
The present table was surrounded with white prelit Christmas trees. Thanks to my sweet friend over at for the tree hook-up!!
White outdoor icicle lights, blue shimmer material and dollar store table covers created a whimsical fancy backdrop
 This adorable Frozen banner was purchased from Etsy..a great seller to work with and a beautiful, well made banner it was!
 snowflake garland from Oriental trading sat above a handmade material table banner that I used to cover my not so pretty but functional card table!
Making a fabric banner is so, so simple...I simply cut strips of fabric that I had purchased very cheaply at WalMart in matching party colors and tied each strip in a color pattern to a shimmer ribbon until it was big enough to cover the front side of the card table
 Ahhh...the Frozen Sweets were such a hit with the party guests
the gorgeous Frozen inspired cake from my sweet friend
She always does an amazing job not only with the perfect design but also an unbeatable taste and flavor with her fresh ingredients!!
 so many sweet treats!!
 Just weeks before the party, I discovered a super talented cookie designer/baker.  
Mrs. Beard's Bake Shop
She is AMAZING!!  The details of her cookies are out of this world.  I have no idea how she does it...the shimmer sparkle on Elsa's dress sent these cookies over the top for me.  The flower detail on Anna's dress was just too cute...whimsical, fun, adorable, delicious little works of art, indeed!!!

 I love to incorporate fresh flowers at a party....I visit my local supermarket and hit up the floral section, find my colors and bring them home to make a few arrangements for some added floral freshness.  I added some fun Frozen flair as well

chocolate snowflakes...simply used a chocolate snowflake mold with melted chocolate in the party colors for some fun candy sticks..cute matching blue polka dot and purple striped colorful straws added some extra fun

 cake pops...simple vanilla cake with blue and white melted chocolate adorned with Wilton candy snowflakes..thank goodness for and the snowflake decor I was able to find from there
here are the cookies I made...again, I have no idea how I could of ever pulled off the magic of the cookies above, hence the reason I must order out on occasion!!

Icicles...rock devoured that up FAST!!
found some great "wintery" ribbon on clearance at my local craft stores and on Etsy as well

snowflake cupcakes with a fun shimmery snowflake ring topper!!

snowflake balloons, white and blue snowflakes, and a prelit tree add just the touch I was looking for to highlight the Frozen Sweets  
the present table

Frozen invites...found these at another great etsy shop... 
super easy to work with seller, vibrant colors and a super cute invite, perfect for our party! 
Check out this super cute, adorable, fun Frozen inspired necklace and bracelet set made by the ever so crafty and talented
Super nice quality, great fit, and beautifully made
Sydnee was so excited to open this gift pre party!!

On to the food table....lunch is served...Disney Frozen style!!

 melted snowflakes had to be on the menu
 luckily I was able to snatch up some Frozen party ware..boy was that a challenge...not sure how many of you have been trying to shop for Frozen merchandise but it's pretty much scarce and super hard to find these days
 Blizzard Chips and Dip
 Snow Capped Fruit Salad...
I topped some fresh fruit with left over cupcake frosting/fruit dip
 Snowflake Cheese and crackers...
simply used a small snowflake cookie cutter on cut pre-sliced cheese
I was also luckily enough to snatch up some of the last boxes of Ritz Snowflake crackers at my local supermarket
 Snowman Noses..served with ranch dip!
 Frozen Ice cubes...
blue jello jigglers cut up into squares..these were gone before I knew it, huge hit with the kids!!
North Mountain Pizza Rolls
Do You Want To Build A Snowman?
white powered donuts with some Olaf building materials for the kids to make their own edible snowman

Wandering Oaken's Trading Post was set to be our craft area.
Unfortunately Queen Elsa had brought in a cold and wet Spring storm, so all crafts were done inside near the fire where it was warm and toasty
First we began the party with a coloring contest...we had a lot of entries...somewhere in the neighborhood of was a tough competition!

Party Guests were greeted with Queen Elsa crowns and Sven antlers which they could decorate with gems, jewels, and snowflakes

Woo Hoo!! Big Summer Blow Out!!

 Pin the Nose on Olaf was a fun party game

Toss a Snowball at Marshmallow the snow monster was another one of our party games.  
So thankful to my super talented and crafty husband for making these party games!!  He does the planning, cutting, drawing and I do the painting...we are a really great party TEAM!!!

 Must highlight these cookies again...because they are/were just so stinkin cute...thank you Mrs. Beard's Bake Shop!!

 Our Sweet "Anna"....had a wonderful birthday party with her family and friends!  The Disney Frozen details were so fun to plan, create and bring to life for our guests.  I love parties..they are so fun and memorable and this one is sure to go down in our history books as a great one!!  Happy Birthday Sweet Sydnee! We hope your special celebration day was as magical and as fun as it could be!!

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  1. Love the Marshmallow snow ball toss! How did you make it (and what was the size)?