Friday, November 19, 2010

Turkey Cake Pops

Turkey cake pops!
Here's what you'll need:
Candy Chocolate melts
lolly pop sticks
Oreo cookies (double stuffed)
candy corn
orange, red and white icing writer for the face and feet details
I have had a lot of inquires lately about the consistency of the melted chocolate lately and this is what it should look like, very smooth and melty....Once your cake is mixed with your frosting and refrigerated then you roll the mixture into balls the size of a quarter or so....
After the cake balls are all rolled, melt your chocolate and dip the lollipop stick into the chocolate and then into the center of the cake ball...let it set..which usually happens by the time I have finished putting the last stick in....then dip the whole pop in the melted chocolate...gently tapping the stick on the side of the bowl to get all the excess chocolate off...if the balls fall off then put them into the freezer for 10-15 min to firm up and try again

I made these while my pops were in the freezer firming up....I used double stuff Oreos because them seem to have the right space between the cookies to easily place the candy corn in the middle of the cookie....use anywhere from 4 to 7 candy corn to make them look like turkey feathers....
Now for the tricky once I dipped my cake pop into the melted chocolate, I immediately placed the cookie feathers on the back side of the pop and put the whooper on top for the head.....problem was....all my cookies began to fall off as the chocolate set and I then tried dipping the pop, letting it set and then adding the cookie and whopper using the melted chocolate as a glue....I didn't like how they looked....I liked the first step better because the cookie formed to the body better and looked more like one I just kept doing it the first way and when the cookie fell off I just glued it back on with the chocolate...yeah, I know lots of work! This was my most time consuming batch to date....but, so, so totally worth it!!!! I made them for my little guy's class party and all the kids just loved them...that in itself was so rewarding!!!

The final product....I placed them on a covered piece of Styrofoam with some added ribbon...I added some ribbon to some random turkey's too just for a little added sparkle!
Gobble Gobble Wibble Wobble!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you much to be thankful will you spend your holiday?


  1. These are SO cute!! I just might have to attempt cake pops 1 more time. I tried once before and they ended up being cake balls. I gave up on the stick :) But they were still yummy.

  2. Wow the turkey cake pops look amazing, can't wait for November to make these, thanks for sharing.

  3. Those look awesome! Gotta try making them this year, they seem simple enough for even me.

  4. Making these now! Actually started up a little holiday baking business in my home and I have orders flying off the shelves for these cuties for Thanksgiving.. I have about 200 I have to make in the next 2 weeks so far!