Saturday, October 2, 2010

Death Star Cake Pops....Lego Star Wars Birthday Party!

5 years ago in a galaxy far, far away......a birthday party was hosted for a Lego Star Wars Jedi!!! Lego Star Wars themed birthday party goodies....
Death Star Cake Pops in shapes of stars and round pops with silver sugar crystals. I used white melting chocolate and tinted it ever so slightly with a small dab of black Wilton icing tint Star Wars Party Invite.....5 years ago, in a galaxy far, far away....... Star Wars Cake from Linda's Cakes-n-things....this cake was so moist and flavorful, mouth watering delicious!! Party decorThese cool trays were made for only a few bucks....thanks to and the Dollar Tree
This was by far one of the best Dollar Store finds of the century...yes, that's right the Dollar store had these light sabers! I was so happy and lucky to find these there!
We had a few fun games planned for the little Jedi's....the rain storm we had that afternoon did wreak some havoc on our games but we had so much fun anyway....Each little Jedi completed Jedi training. The Jedi training course, light saber training and a light saber ability test with Master Jedi, (Hayden's daddy) Then they destroyed the Death Star (a chalk drawing of the death star) where each Jedi threw water balloons at the death star until it completely faded away. And the grand finale of destroying Darth Vader...(a pinata)...they all had so much fun!!Each Jedi received a Jedi Knight Training Certificate along with their Jedi Knight capes and light sabers as party favorsDarth Vader just waiting to be destroyed by the Jedi KnightsCandy buffet goodies included...Bounty Hunter bounty (foil wrapped bubble gum coins), Asteroid Pops (ring pops), Space Rocks (pop rocks), Space Dust (nerds), Light Sabers (pixie sticks), and Darth Maul Malts (whoppers) Little Jedi Hayden has already turned to the dark side after visiting the candy buffetMoon Dust (nerds) Edible Ewoks...aka Sour Patch Kids
More goodies.....padawan popcorn cones, wookie cookies and Star Wars cupcakes complete with Darth Vader and the Clone Troopers, Muja Fruit, Darth Dogs, Rebel Chow (chex mix), Tribal Horns (bugles), and Pizza the Hutt were some of the delicious treats enjoyed by all
Jawa Juice (orange Hawaiian fruit punch) and Yoda Soda (green Hawaiian fruit punch via 7up)


  1. Can I please hire you to fly to IL and put on this same party for my almost 6 year old?? I'm stressing out over it and I'm now glad that I can copy from your post!
    Two questions - where did you get the "certificates"? I assume somewhere on line?
    And I liked the cupcakes - where did you get the helmets?

  2. My husband made the certificates in photoshop as well as the invite. I had them printed at the local office store then I just wrote in their names with a silver sharpie(for certificates)...used small foil stickers for the stars. I found the helemts (rings) online, Amazon has them...look for star wars molded party rings..don't stress about the party, it will all come together and your little guy will have a blast.

  3. Phenomenal party!!!! Love it. Love Star Wars. Beautifully done. The details are beyond this galaxy!

  4. What a great party!! May I ask where you found the Jedi training certificates?

  5. I love all your ideas! Where did you get the light sabers? did you make those or buy them?


  6. I'd really like to know where to get the light sabers too ASAP!

  7. how the heck did you make star cakepops??


  8. AWESOME!!!! Thank you for all the great ideas!

  9. LOVE all these ideas. I was looking for ideas for my son who just LOVES star wars and it will be for his 5th birthday and his name is Hayden :-)